Awesome Contemporary Residence with Two Main Buildings

The Bathtub Decor And Glass Window With Green Outdoor View

This is one of model for contemporary residence, where most of exterior covered by wood arrangement. The residence in this case has two main big buildings, where one of it as vehicle garage on its ground floor. Then, this residence also surrounded by Green Park on some sides. Then, other side lead to the road. The exterior deliberately made from wood arrangement. However, the cover is much closed, so other people can’t see inside of residence clearly. It also because of there is glass windows which adhere on some sides in that residence. The building itself looks majesty, because of that land is large, and then built a big home. Gradual design also still becomes a favorite model for this residence. People usually design their exterior which leads to the interior design. This residence look simple and majesty from outside, and it also followed by inside model of interior, where there are some good settings from furniture, and decoration. People in this residence prefer to choose some wood elements for their furniture too. Outside space, where there is a green park completed by outside family room or living room. So, there is a set of sofas and table which exist in the middle of park.

Contemporary become one of trend model too nowadays. There are many homes and other contemporary residence model used this kind of theme. In this residence case, contemporary side can be seen from exterior outside. The wood element already gives contemporary nuance for that residence. The owner of residence also designs inside of home with contemporary model too. Some furniture still modern model, but for a whole room there is classic sense too.

The combination between modern and classic always becomes a good thing. Some people prefer to choose that kind of model, because it can make a good sense for each room. The unique side from this residence is outside part. The outside family room living room completed by a fireplace. Then, it also completed again by green park nuance. The main buildings also can stand strongly like in the middle of large land.

Actually, contemporary theme itself already adopted for many kinds of thing. There is not only home model, home theme, or room nuance, but also furniture and decoration too. Some people chose this model, because of unique and can be combined with many other things. Contemporary residence design becomes one of model for living house with large land.

The Exterior Detail With Curved Glass Wall And Elegant Outdoor Patio

The Interior Decor With Stylish Dining Area And Lounge Space Facing The Shoreline

The Living Area Details View From The Second Floor

The Lounge Chair With Beautiful Bay View

Two Level Living Space Interior With Elegant Minimalist Clean Kitchen And Work Space

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