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Having a dream house is the desire of many people; especially the Contemporary Home which is becoming a trend nowadays. You can find a variety of contemporary home design magazines or by searching the internet. What matters is if it turns out that you have no large land to accommodate your needs. Here, we will review on a house in Washington, USA that was built with two separate volumes in a contemporary style.

Contemporary Home on The Cliff

Home that was completed in 2010 by Prentiss Architects is dedicated to a couple with the main view of the Pacific Ocean. Even at a glance you can see that Contemporary Home in Two Volumes is composed of two structures, where smaller volumes used for garages and private workspace with some wooden shelves attached to the walls, while the larger structure is the living space and another room like the house in general. Located in the cliff makes this home designed in two floors by utilizing the available land as possible.

Combinations of wood and concrete materials provide clear lines which gives a typical of contemporary style. A Japanese-style garden with a garden path of stones gives an impression of nature in this house. do not want to waste the existing area, the owners chose to make the balcony on the second floor of the main building as a place to relax, complete with the outdoor furniture and a few pots of green plants.

Open Plan Concept of Contemporary Home

Like most contemporary homes, this house also uses a lot of wood materials in home decor, both interior and exterior. You can see that the window of the house is made with wood panels and transparent glass, making anyone can freely look out, with awesome scenery. Interior design of this house looks utilizing existing space as well as possible, and do not want to leave a wasted space. With the concept of open plan, living room, dining area and even pantry looks unified. Both front and rear, this Contemporary Home in Two Volumes Ideas with extensive windows offer you access to the beautiful scenery outside the home.

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