Awesome Contemporary Apartment in Modern Interior

Elegant Fireplace Apartment Interior Design

There are many ways people decorate their Contemporary Apartment, one of them by choosing furnishings and accessories are also contemporary. Ardesia Design has developed a concept of contemporary apartment with stunning modern interior in Redcliffe Gardens in London.

Contemporary Apartment with Various Accessories

This modern apartment using white interior settings combined with shiny wood floors. Variety of interesting accessories to make the interior look of the Contemporary Apartment with Stunning Interior looked different; call it a modern fireplace, a mirror with a wooden frame and glass chandelier in the comfortable sitting room. Bookcase that also serves to put a flat screen TV is a good idea to maximize the function of furniture. not only that, an abstract painting that hangs on the wall above the sofa is also a focal point in this room because it gives a splash of yellow contrast with the wall color.

Square mirror with a wooden frame placed above the fireplace is a decoration that cannot escape from view. Mirror is one brilliant idea to make the room look spacious and bright, because it reflects a shadow on any item that is in the room, in which case this is an abstract painting on the other side of the room and glass chandelier. Forget about the old-fashioned fireplace of stone or brick, modern fireplace that you find in this room look very elegant and simple with a black modern furnace.

Multifunctional Furnishings in Contemporary Apartment

Minimalist concept and efficiency of rooms and furnishings are very focused on the interior of this apartment. Careful selections of furnishings are made to create a minimalist room looks spacious and functional. In the bedroom for example, you’ll see a shelf flanking the bed of which serves to put a variety of items ranging from books, ornaments, up to picture frame. For the same purpose, the Contemporary Apartment with Stunning Interior Ideas owners chose the concept of built-in closet in the bedroom made of wood with a glossy white finish.

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