Attractive Contemporary House Remodel Turns Old House into Stylish One

Classic Tufted Sofa In Black And Coffee Table Derived From Leather With Beautiful Painting And Rattan Table Lamp Decorate Living Room With Modern TV Setup

Do you feel bored with old house architecture? You need to change it into modern one to arouse new sensation in a house. Find Contemporary House Remodel as inspirational reference to renovate old house. Islington house by Neil Dusheiko Architects presents contemporary flair that is adopted from classic architectural flair. Small garden in this house is only planted with shady trees. Rainbow folding chairs are put on grassy courtyard to relax. Wood borders are applied in this garden.

Kitchen is equipped with folding glass door is set toward small garden. Sleek concrete floor goes with wood wall existing in white themed Cool Contemporary House Remodel. Metallic dining table with acrylic chairs is placed next to modern minimalist kitchen containing bright green kitchen furniture. Glass bay window with venetian blind is colored in white likewise wall in this house interior. Classic tufted sofa in black and coffee table is derived from leather. Beautiful painting, rattan table lamp and woven floor lamp decorate living room with modern TV setup.

Glass wall enlightens kitchen optimally. There are some photographs adhered on white painted wall as nice decoration. White color dominating this house enhances bright and wide visualization. Modern minimalist kitchen set is layered with dark marble countertop for classy look. Tough pillar holds white ceiling around skylight. Green kitchen backsplash reflects fresh sensation toward this contemporary kitchen.

Bedroom is colored in white even floating bed with glass bed headboard comes in white color too. Glass windows and skylight optimizes sunlight intensity to brighten bedroom. Glass wall partition borders white themed bedroom and bathroom facilitated with white porcelain bathroom furniture. Hidden light above mirrored bathroom vanity adds soft visual effect. Wood furniture in high gloss finish melds perfectly with white themed Cool Contemporary House Remodel Ideas. Kid’s room where huge white closet is available looks glaring with colorful toys existing there.

Metallic Dining Table With Acrylic Chairs Placed Next To Modern Minimalist Kitchen Containing Bright Green Kitchen Furniture

Small Garden Planted With Shady Trees With Rainbow Folding Chairs On Grassy Courtyard For Relaxing Spot

Tough Pillar Holds White Ceiling Around Skylight With Green Kitchen Backsplash Reflects Fresh Sensation Toward Contemporary Kitchen

Wooden Wall And Modern Minimalist Kitchen Set Layered With Dark Marble Countertop For Classy Look

Awesome Bedroom Using Floating Bed With Glass Bed Headboard Comes In White Color And Glass Windows And Skylight Optimizes Sunlight Intensity To Brighten Bedroom

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small-garden-planted-with-shady-trees-with-rainbow-folding-chairs-on-grassy-courtyard-for-relaxing spot


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