Astonishing Music Studio Office in Contemporary Design

Artistic Wooden Furniture For Modern Meeting Office

What comes in your mind when you think about music studio? Should it be a place that is full of the musical things and decoration? Should it be messy and cluttered since there are so many things needed for the creative process? Should all of the decoration related to music? This Animal Music office will give you the different image of how studio can look like? It has a fabulous design of the contemporary office. The modern style combined with the natural touch makes this studio look modern and chic.

This music studio design applied the truly contemporary concept for the urban office. Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this office studio presents the fresh look of the contemporary building. The roof is set with the transparent model. It allows the full exposure of the sunlight. The black steel gives the accent of the classy style. The large windows and doors are framed with the wooden materials makes the studio looks warmer. Traditional wooden couch with white fabric on it gives the cozy impression of the room. The floral carpet on the wooden floor makes the floor more cheerful. The guests who are waiting for the meeting or appointed can feel the comfort of staying in this room.

The large glass windows and doors allow the outdoor view while you are sitting on the cozy and comforting couch. The long desk surrounded by the wooden chairs with high stool emphasizes the practical function of the room. Everybody can do different activity in this desk. Made of wood materials with white surface, this table looks simple yet chic. The turquoise color of the wall paint adds the tranquility of the room.

The modern lighting hanging above the desk and large wooden shelves have its decorative function besides their practical ones. The sconces are in dark and silver colors. The textured white wall as the exterior looks unique with the hanging pots with yellow leaves inside it. It adds the natural contrasts color for the white and even black stairs around them. Contemporary music studio concept has been rapidly built in the unique style just like this Animal Music studio to inspire the others innovative studio designs.

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