Artistic House Interior for Minimalist House

Original Concrete Wall Panel And Grey Staircase With Floating Stairs Design

Some people feel that attractive look of the exterior design is not a must. Minimalist look on the outside and artistic view for the interior will be more appealing. The natural look is also interesting for some people. Knowing this situation, bunq arcitectes designing the amazing house design called NCIS. The house interior in it will catch your eye. From the outside, this house looks so plain. With wooden material, the wall outside is giving a minimalist feel for the people who are passing by it.

Although it is made of wood, but there are many wide glazed windows which attached in this house both in the first and second floor. For the house interior design, the gray and white colors are dominant. In this house, you will be attracted by the simple white wooden stairs. There are two small black bird ornaments under and on the stairs. It gives the grey free space under the stairs look eye catching.

On the upper floor, a minimalist kitchen is welcome you. This minimalist kitchen looks so clean with the white and grey colored furniture. Again, in this kitchen the small black bird ornament is placed. Near the kitchen, there is white rounded table for you to take a meal. What are amazing from this side are the three unique chairs with different colors. The black, yellow and red chairs will look like a bird in some angles. It will be look like the black bird ornament.

The wide glazed window makes this kitchen bright without a light. You can also eat your food with seeing the wonderful view of the outside. On the other side, another wide glazed window is welcome you. Facing the window, there is a grey three seat sofa placed near the wall. The white and grey cushions are completing this sofa. A standing simple lamp is placed near it. With this simple but interesting house interior decor, you can enjoy the outside view in comfort.

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