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House Retreat In Maldi Ves Private Pool

Beach House Iruveli offers an outstanding architecture idea for you. It is located in the northern of the Maldives and it serves you with a 5 stars hotel. The 5 stars standard can be seen on the luxury design as well as the fantastic view offered there. Definitely, it is a perfect place to relax because you will stay on a 35 acre private island. The best part is that you can see unique interior such as white beaches powder and jungle themed interior.

The Detail of the Beach House

The beach house is using a lot of pillars. The function of the pillars is to keep the house away from the water. The roof of the house is using natural material and commonly it is made from dried coconut leaf. The focus of the house is how to get the beauty of sunrise and sunset from the beach only from the house. Open space is also designed to get the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Swimming pool is located at the center of the house and there is a connector made from wood. It doesn’t use any colorful paints. It seems that they want to make it more natural. This is the reason why the house is painted by white color.

The Additional Elements of the Beach House

Because the idea is to catch the fresh air and the outstanding view through an open space, several patios and outdoor benches are put there. Again, it uses neutral color such as white and black. The living room is designed with big size of glass windows and doors to support the focus of the house. Large size but simple in design curtain is installed there and it makes the house looks elegant and luxurious enough. Although it uses large size of ventilation and open space area but several simple design fans are installed. It seems that they want to give a functional accessory there. In short, this beach house design can be your reference to improve your beloved house.

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