Amazing White Interior Styles from the Casa Pina House Project

Tripod Floor Lamp In Amazing Open Plan Interior Design Including Living Room And Dining Room Also Kitchen Ideas With White Sofa And White Rug Also White Ceiling Is Combined With White Walls And White Floor Plus Wooden Door

The Casa Pina house in Liguria, Italy has a great white interior inside the building. This house which is finished in 2013 is done in Fabio Fantolino’s hands. The design is perfect. Not only the interior has been done in marvelous ways, but also the exterior. Both the exterior and interior designs are connected and supporting each other. That is why this residence looks so extraordinary.

Here, in the backyard area, you can spoil yourself by the furnishing given. A comfortable outdoor dining area is provided here. The dining table is made from wood, and shaped in round. It is surrounded by 4 white chairs, and all of them stand on the rounded wooden floor. Next to them is a spacious grass area of the yard, with some trees are planted and a beautiful outdoor living room. In another side, the building stands perfectly, with lots of transparent walls installation. Let’s check the white interior design.

Now we are inside the building. All you can see is white ceiling is combined with white walls and white floor. Not every wall here is plain, some of them are patterned in strips. This simple kitchen with hallways is the example. Kitchen area is small, built in the corner of the room. It has standing and floating white cabinets, complete with a built-in oven. Stands beside it is a simple wooden table for dining with 2 white seats are accompanying it. The hallway behind has lots of built-in lamps on the ceiling to support the enlightening.

Merged with the kitchen there is a beautiful white living room. Yes, this one is indoor, with white spacious sofa in comfortable design. A wide white rug lies on the sleek flooring to present the beauty of white design. Completed with giant windows around, you can enjoy the beautiful views of your garden in every single time you want. Most of the doors in the house is made from woods, and styled in the sliding one. All of them are perfect! Get some inspirations more in the white interior design ideas pictures which are provided here.

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