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First Floor Door Design Fishing Lodge Vacation House Design

Holiday is a golden opportunity for all family members get together, and a Vacation House is a very interesting idea if you want a comfortable place and be able to accommodate all the needs of your family vacation. You can enjoy holiday activities while keeping an eye on the kids without having to go somewhere.

Vacation House Near by The Lake

When going to build a vacation home, we must first consider the location. Besides affecting the landscape that we will get while on vacation, the location should also be able to fulfill all our wishes. So if you want a quiet atmosphere and can fishing and rowing, of course, homes near the lake is the best decision. One Vacation House on The Lake was Fishing Lodge designed by Simon Gill Architects. This vacation home is quite unique, because of its unusual shape. Forget about a wooden house with a dull white paint, this vacation home is built with modern concept and extends upward, so it looks like a capsule. The location is integrated with nature with green grass and crystal clear lakes ensure the comfort of your vacation.

Wooden Vacation House

Uniqueness of this house not only from its round shape without corners, but also the material employed in the form of a pile of wood are arranged together and matched with wood floors. Furniture in it was arguably unusual, such as sofas and chairs in the sitting room, which made the concept into the wall. Some wooden logs placed next to the fireplace in a very striking way. This house is also equipped with a dining room that is designed with the concept of the cafe, with two elongated wooden chair near the window, providing a view out while eating. Uniqueness of other furniture can be found in the bedroom, with four high poles on each corner of the bed and simple white bedding.

Wood shades are felt in every detail of this Vacation House on The Lake Designs, both important elements, up to the furniture in it.

First Floor Door Design Wooden Frame Concrete Wall Floor Fishing Lodge Decoration

Fishing Lodge Artistic Staircase Decoration House Design

Attic Bedroom Wooden Accent Green House Design

Fishing Lodge Bulgaria Slope Land Forest House Design

Fishing Lodge Dining Room Wooden Floor Cafe Table Themed Decoration

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