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Truly this is an amazing penthouse loft that you would die to have it. Located in SoMa in SF, this penthouse is giving the luxury combining with rustic images. From a far you can see the Potrero Hill and Twin Peaks although you still can see the high buildings clanked this apartment. This is a perfect place to stay and hang out with family and friends since it has spacious home size.

You can laze around with friends and families in the penthouse loft deck. The penthouse loft design is really occupy what you need for having fun. The deck is completed with outdoor kitchen cabinet, stove and standing fireplace in the center of the lounge. You can spend your day there while sunbathing and waiting for the grille food being served. Or when it is too hot for you, just open the umbrella table and you will be shaded well. Plants and pots is places around the side of the decks creates fresh atmosphere. The colorful plastic chairs and throw pillows in the sofa also coloring the venue.

Entering this beautiful penthouse loft you will be welcome with rustic ambiance collaborating with the modern luxury. The red brick walls are stretching from side to side and the exposed beam ceiling looks very enchanted. The penthouse also covered with wooden planks flooring and not just vinyl flooring. The rustic ambiance is creating vintage appearance in this modern furniture. In the kitchen you will be welcome with red and metal modern kitchen and the modular kitchen table is looking amazing.

Dining room and living room is placed next to the kitchen creating a spacious open floor living plan house. All incorporated modern furniture and added contemporary lighting hanging from the ceiling. Rugs are welcomed t use in this penthouse. You can see that rug is used to make difference between the living room area and the dining room area. In the bedroom rugs also place next to the bed. For more penthouse loft design ideas that will charmed you, please browse below photo gallery.

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