Amazing Modern Resort Home with Combination of Nature Nuance

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The various kind of modern resort home can be combined any kinds nuance and situation too. Not only in the middle of big city, but can be in the middle country side those kind of house living already made. People nowadays prefer to choose natural environment for around of their home. The nuance around of home has to be prepared as well, because it influences the nuance inside of home and condition of people too. Sometimes, in Europe there is a modern home like in the middle of jungle, where there are full of trees which surround that home. The country side nowadays already becomes a favorite land to build modern home. Urban people prefer to choose that land and avoid busy condition in big city. The facilitation also can be designed as well like home in big city. Sometimes, there is neighborhood with glamour sense too in the middle of country side. Regardless from condition around of home, the model of home itself also very modern, even in the middle of country side or natural land. The gradual design for home sometimes become favorite of people to build their home.

Modern Resort Home Concept

The specific example is home in the middle of country side which still has many natural conditions around of land for house building. The modern resort home architecture becomes applicable in that area. People deliberately design that kind of model, because they want to enjoy natural environment around of land with modern nuance for inside of home. The interior inside of home only designed simple with simple furniture too. Only the unique one is exterior on outside of home, and the main form of building. There is a resort like in the middle of jungle which designed with cube model. The main building formed into cube shape, then it gradual too. So, there are space on top part and bottom part. The main home itself also consists from two floors, where the top floor becomes a sundeck area.

Two sides of home designed with adhering glass windows and doors. There is s big space on bottom of home, which can be space to put some cars or other vehicles. The inside of home which very simple, but has enough space for each room. The living room, family room, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom are in ground floor. There is a fireplace too in ground floor. The outside space on front of home, there is a small park which completed by table park from cement, and chairs from wooden parts. People can enjoy their free time, especially when summer comes on that park.

Modern Resort Home Façade

The façade on outside of home is unique. Where it is like a cube model that form those kind of home. People like inside of cube or rectangle shape that live in there. The other unique one is arrangement of stones which adhere on very basic foundation of home. The building itself like stand on top of stones arrangement. Actually, people can design anything related with modern resort home exterior, in order to attract people to join in there and also to make good looking for resort itself, beside the natural environment around.

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