Amazing Luxurious Apartment with Paintings

Great Boy Face Painting In Red Color White Sofa Cushion White Ceiling

One of the reasons why people choose to live in Luxurious Apartment is in addition to the comforts of life; it also offered an elegant design that is certainly not shared by ordinary apartment. Other than its room is spacious and bright, luxurious apartments are generally designed with a particular characteristic which can be adjusted to the hobby and enthusiasm of the owner.

Luxurious Apartment with Paintings

Design of a luxury apartment that pampered the owner can be seen in Gupta Apartment in Mumbai, India. More complex design and character can be found on every wall of the Elegant and Luxurious Apartment. The owner seems to do not want to leave blank space on the wall. Besides that, he looks like a lover of art, so the walls are filled with paintings and artistic caricatures. Not only have that, the selection of various colors on the furniture also made this apartment interior looks “alive”. In another room you can see the wallpaper with vibrant pattern and different from one room to another.

Luxurious Apartment with Blue Shades

Who says a luxury apartment should look boring with one color? By applying many colors you can give a more cheerful appearance in your room, such as the living room united with the apartment’s living room. The selection of light beige settings is a good idea to give a neutral color on the furniture and accessories that come in various colors. Call it gray, ivory, and blue that colors the sofa, as well as painting with domination of blue.

Touch of blue soft can also be found on the surface of a shiny table with four bar stools with high legs. As in the master bedroom, the shades of blue are present on the curtains and bedding in pale blue coloring, while in the bathroom, blue applied to a wide mirror decoration. You may find it’s quite unique when the wall of one bedroom in this Elegant and Luxurious Apartment Design is covered in world map.

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