Amazing Inspirations for Modern Minimalist House with Open Concept

Beautiful Faminly Room With Wall Mounted TV And Light Brown Sofa With White Wall And White Ceiling Decor For Bright Interior

To have a modern minimalist house is like a trending nowadays. The popularity of modern minimalist design itself has been very rapidly, at least since couple of years ago. People see this design concept as a revolutionary design which is a breakthrough for the conservative classic home design. More than that, it is also considered as the symbol of the futuristic. That sounds interesting, right?

Talking about that home design concept above, we will be talking about unlimited freedom to explore the design. This home concept is emphasizing on the flexibility to explore the elements on the home design and to change anything that you think it will be good if it is changed. In a simple word, modern minimalist concept lets you to do whatever you want to do with your home design. And if you think you need some inspirations about this, maybe you can take a look on this project from Moscow which pretty mush represents an open concept for modern minimalist house.

This project is named House N and built by 4a Architects. The building process was completed in 2013 and result a gorgeous home design. Adopting open concept, this house is beautifully designed to be integrated with the surrounding through the tall glass walls that used to cover most parts of the building. This makes the interior feels spacious and bright for getting enough lighting from the natural sunlight. This must be a good idea to save your electricity bills for lamps, right?

The minimalist concept is implemented through the simple and sharp furniture design. The use of wooden material for the most of the furniture creates impressive natural impression which perfectly blended on the all-white interior color that used. Every part of the room is designed to be simple but functional, so that there’s no any inch that goes to waste. With that modern minimalist house reference above, hopefully you can get the muse start to design your own home design.

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