Amazing Contemporary House with Large Public Area

Blue Wall With Pattern Bed And Wooden Floor At Yin Yang House

Development of the growing Contemporary House design leaves a lot of room to be creative in decorating, either with a small room or a large area. Contemporary home with small holdings tend to use the concept of minimalism in interior decorating, while larger land that gives you freedom in determining the function and space of each room.

Contemporary House with Extentive Exterior

If you are a large family with many children, you certainly will need Contemporary House with Large Public Space. Spacious public rooms allow you to freely gather with family and even your kids can invite their friends to the house so that you will more easily keep an eye on them. Flexibility to move and activity is a concept that emphasized the Yin Yang House in Venice, California, USA. A rectangular swimming pool which can be accessed through a wooden staircase from the room to make you and your family can swim in it whenever you want. Overall, this home combines an open interior with extensive exterior.

Contemporary House with Open Plan Concept

One public area that you can highlight here is the sitting room together with dining room. Lounge designed with two sets of purple sofa located opposite each other with a simple wooden shelf where people can put books and display there, while the dining room is filled with a long wooden table and lots of black leather dining chairs. Not only that, a spacious kitchen that also integrates with the dining room is designed with a modern concept, with white cabinets and stainless steel kitchen set.

Extent of public areas make bedroom design is not so important. You can see that the bedroom in this Contemporary House with Large Public Space Design is made as simple as possible, with a wooden bed with charming brown sheets.

Flat Roof Iron Stair Handrail And Contemporary House With Large Public Space Design

Flat Roof With White Curtain Wooden Ceiling And Beautiful Terrace With Plants

Glass Window With Wooden Table And White Curtain

Iron Stair Handrail With Flat Roof And Contemporary House

Long Wooden Dining Table With Black Leather Dining Chairs And Purple Sofa

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