Amazing Beachside Villa Residence for Holiday Time

Wooden Floor With White Curtain And Glass Window

People can enjoy their holiday time in beachside villa, where the sun going nice, especially in summer time. The villa residence itself has special location, which can make people feel better and relax their holiday. The front side of villa is look like a residence in usual neighborhood. However, around of those land is almost beachside, so it looks like a home in special area near beach. The gradual model still becomes trend model from this kind of villa. The adorable design is on behind of villa itself. Where there is a swimming pool on top floor and ground floor. There are some spots which access people to see outside and lead to the beach. The facility like smart fireplace, double dining sets, and etc can be enjoyed by people in that villa. Each of room has special side and landscape toward outside condition, especially to the beach.

Beachside Villa Design

The architecture from this kind villa consists from some combinations of contemporary design. There is modern contemporary which combined with beach model of house. The important thing from this kind of building is beachside villa view, where the beach on one side becomes a best panorama that can be enjoyed by people, even from inside or outside of villa. There are consisting from some gathering rooms inside of villa. Even, in the kitchen or dining room, people can be gathered together, because the capacity of furniture accommodates people to activity in there. The private rooms also consist from some rooms. It can be on top floor or ground floor. Actually, this villa consists from three floors, where each floor always has outside spot.

The best point from this villa is landscape of beach. Where there are some spot outside of villa with any kinds of nuance exist in there. First like outside swimming pool which lead to the beach, access people to see beach, when they swim. Then, there is dining sets on balcony which lead to the beach too. So, people can eat with see the beach. There is a separated spot from villa, which stand in the middle of park, and has sundeck spot.

Beachside Villa Position

The location for this kind of villa should suit with condition around of land. The side of those beach sometimes getting any risk, because of erosion. With gradual position too, it accommodate people to get best view around of beach. People should design each of corners inside of villa with best angle that can make people enjoy their free time. Beachside villa rooms accessible for people who want panorama outside which is beach and sometimes hills on other side.

Wooden Long Table With Orange Chairs And Glass Railings

Wooden Stairs With White Wall And Indoor Plants

Dining Glass Table With White Dining Chairs And White Ceiling Dining Room

Glass Railings With Large Glass Window And Beautiful Beachside Villa Design

Green Tree With Villa Residence And Beautiful Beachside Villa Design

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