Amazing Apartment Interior Design in NYC

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Moving to apartment means you have to deal with apartment interior design. As you know, for some people the interior design of their apartment is the most challenging part of move to the apartment. It is not only the space that often becomes the challenge in planning the interior; the unique structure of the apartment itself usually makes us need to think hard to find the best interior that fits in. Do you face the similar problem like that?

If you are currently searching for some concepts you can use, maybe you can try this idea about minimalist apartment interior design. The minimalist concept is well-known as the ultimate choice when it comes to the interior of apartment. This concept emphasizes on the space optimization; something that is very vital for apartment unit. Using the concept, you will find that almost every inch of the room can be used and becomes functional; no any inch that goes wasted.

And if you need some examples, maybe you can look at this gorgeous apartment titled as NYC Loft located in New York City, USA. Designed by Adi Gershoni Studio, this 2,200 sqf apartment shows the artsy approach using minimalist concept. The interior is filled with neutral and soft colours; beige, brown and white. Those combinations make the room feels spacious as well as airy. The use of smart lighting concept also makes the interior looks glowing and warm.

It is not only the colours and the lighting; the furniture is also designed to be involved in the space optimization idea. The furniture is designed to be functional as well as attractive; makes the whole area looks very simple yet fancy. The bookshelf for example, is placed between the entry way and the office. It is not only functioned as bookshelf itself, but also as room partition which separates the living room and the office. So, do you find the apartment interior design inspirations above help?

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