Alluring Boutique Hotel in Breezy Design

Cool Minimalist Powder Space Design

Located in Alfama, this boutique hotel has the beautiful design of a contemporary building. The simple concept is emphasized in this hotel design. The hotel exterior is designed in the clean lines emphasizing the simplicity. Dark tile is used as the exterior flooring. The outdoor pool without edge gives the refreshing accent of this exterior design. The gazebos are set under the red and white umbrellas giving the bright color accent. The modern red chairs in sleek design gives the lively color to this exterior.

This contemporary boutique hotel also applies the simple wooden outdoor furniture. Facing the ocean, this terrace looks breezy and beautiful. The circular modern table from dark wood looks great with simple chandelier on it. This outdoor terrace gives the perfect cozy ambience for relaxing time. The glass border is installed as the dividers that makes this terrace looks sleeker. The natural feel is applied on the hotel door. The rustic texture of the wooden door makes this hotel has the natural accent for its interior.

The room interior is designed in bright color. White is the color dominating this interior arrangement. The simple modern bedding is covered in white duvet. The grey wooden flooring is in rustic texture too. The modern lighting is set in the white ceiling of this interior. This rustic grey wooden flooring is matched with the grey duvet covered the bedding. A glass window is set on one side of the walls bringing the oceanic view to the room interior. The bedside table is also designed with the natural wooden style.

The table and chair in the room is also designed in the modern style. Wooden materials and the black fabric are the main elements of this table and chair material. The contemporary bathroom is designed in the sleek look by employing the glass door and modern bedroom appliances. Boutique hotel design can be designed in the simple way yet presenting the absolute and relaxing ambience by bringing the natural accent.

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