Airy Modern House in Cozy Atmosphere

Beautiful Pool Design With Water Lighting In Open Landscape Area For Modern Exterior Design

An airy and spacious house with cozy atmosphere is what Two in a Box – Architekten ZT GMBH offers. Located in Austria, this modern house named as Haus SK offers a stunning modern two leveled residence in grand size with impeccable landscape and gorgeous yet refreshing swimming pool available in unique concept as part of the exterior. The exterior also utilizes the transparent glass excessively to create airy atmosphere indoors. The interior itself is also maximizing the modern style and combines the natural wooden tone with white one.

This L-shaped cozy modern house offers stunning wooden blinds in horizontal detail as to provide privacy from the excessively used transparent glass doors and windows. The blinds are installed on the patio and arranged carefully to leave some spaces uncovered to allow the lights coming inside the house. The patio benefits from the abundance of light, making this as a perfect space for the outdoor lounge area for you and your family, or simply is perfect for your me-time during a beautiful sunny day. The floors of the patio are also painted in stunning wooden tone. From the patio, you can walk to the yard by using the rectangular modern stepping stones.

The stepping stones will lead you to the swimming pool, which is designed in minimalist yet modern style. During the night, the pool offers the illuminating glass reflection effect which will reflect the lights beautifully. Talking about the pool, the façade of this building is also equipped with a pool that is decorated with field stones and divided with the wooden deck, which will reflect the golden tone from the house. The deck will be a perfect space to spend the time outdoor, especially during evening time.

Moving inside the house, the cozy modern house design for the interior also encompasses the wooden tone in varying shades such as light walnut for the walls and floors and dark brown for the furnishings. The combination between the wooden tone and golden glow of the light creates the cozy atmosphere flowing throughout spaces. Built-in ceiling lamps are used as the lighting feature of the residence. The transparent glass is not only used for the windows and sliding doors, but also for the risers on the staircase.

Bright Lighting And Modern Two Story House Design In Austria With Large Green Landscape

Cool Patio With Wood Screen And Cozy Living Room With Sliding Glass Door Plus Wooden Deck Patio

Beautiful Landescape With Wooden Deck Path Above The Ponds Also Modern House Lighting

Haus SK Second Floor Design For Modern Two Story House Outlay

Haus SK Section

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