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If you live in tropical regions, of course you will think about Tropical House that will adapt to the tropical climate there. Unlike countries with four seasons, tropical countries like Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia region offers warm sunshine almost all year round. You have to deal with smart design to keep your home comfortable and are well adapted to the tropical climate. This time we will discuss about a tropical house in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Appealing Tropical House in Jakarta

Build an ideal home for the tropics should pay attention to the sun and air flow so as to provide good air circulation and make it not stuffy. One of which is by making a shady terrace with wide roof to avoid heat. The concept Unique Tropical House with its unique wide roof also gives a different appeal in Jakarta Distort House. You would be interested in how the roofs are made in such “deviant” to give a comfortable shade for outdoor living space below. Large yard with green grass also gives the impression of natural in this tropical home.

Separated Building of Tropical House

This tropical house is not only unique in the roof, but also the two buildings that house looks separate connected by a staircase. The main building with one floor to accommodate function of lounge with transparent glass window that offers a direct view to the green park, while the ground floor of a two-story building that serves as an open living room with a comfortable padded seat and carpet. This is of course to accommodate the needs comfortably relax and chat while enjoying the cool breeze flowing. Combination of wood and glass in the windows also plays a certain pattern that gives its own beauty in the indoor lounge.

One other thing that characterizes Unique Tropical House Design is a large courtyard with green grass to cover and a slight accent on the path of the stone.

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