Adorable Private Residence Concept in The Middle of City

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Location in the middle of city already become a favorite place for private residence which built by people. There are many residence buildings which exist in almost around of city. Some people deliberately designed with unique model of residence. The main building already built with unique shape on its roof, and main home body building. The location which is much advantaged for people make them always can see city condition in every time. There are some examples from unique residence building which already lived by people. This residence is little bit very private, because this residence almost covered by closed fence which surround the residence. Besides that, this residence also has huge building. The roof model deliberately designed with oval combination and circle form. It is almost similar with butterfly place. Where usually butterflies live in big room and has high roof. Then, regardless from that matter this residence completed by good facilities and setting. There is some goods space which deliberately designed with unique model.

This residence completed by green park on inside and outside. Inside is surround a residence building, and then outside exist on out of fence. This unique private residence already used by people to live and enjoy their time. The big building seems like represent a big hall inside of it. However, inside of residence consist from some rooms like other home building. Gradual designs still become a favorite model for people, so this private building adopts that kind of model. The outside park also completed by lamps garden.

Then, inside of residence designed with some rooms, and also some stuffs. People use ground floor as public room and first floor as private room. Actually, there are some terraces or balcony which exists in ground floor and first floor. Swimming pool also exists as one of important part from residence. Actually, people can see a beautiful panorama of city, especially when night comes from first floor. So, there is a balcony which adhere on first floor, and it completed by set of sofas and its table.

Private home buildings are chosen by modern people who live in the middle of city. Some people in there try to have different home building, where in other hand some people prefer to live in simple home or in apartment. The option for location always becomes a main important thing, where city always become a favorite place. Private residence design also deliberately designed with unique model by people.

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