Adorable Modern House on the Hill Design

White Roung Sink With Stainless Faucet Completed With Tempered Glass Flower Vase

Who says the Modern House on the Hill is impossible? With the development of modern home designs today you can find modern home anywhere, because people are no longer interested in the traditional style. Modern home will not only meet the basic needs of the home as a comfortable residential, but also give you easy with a variety of facilities and space efficiency. Furthermore, modern home design does not require a lot of detail so that the construction process did not spend a long time.

One Story Modern House on the Hill

In general indeed a modern house built with two floors or more, due to the limited space in the big city. But if you have enough land, it never hurts to build a modern one-story house with many rooms. This concept can be found in the House on The Hill, designed by studio James D LaRue Architecture Design. Large yard with green grass and concrete paving gives you the flexibility and broad impression on the Contemporary Modern House on the Hill. Brick structures that make up the outer wall of the house also gave a special attraction. The wide windows offer a warm look of the home with yellowish glow come from LED lamps.

Modern House on the Hill

Wood flooring combines well with brick walls provide a good setting for this lounge. A traditional fireplace also provides comfort sitting on a contemporary beige sofa in this room. Wide windows here allow direct sunlight and provide warmth. Combination of white and wood can also be found in the kitchen with hardwood floors and a wood serving table that combined with white kitchen cabinets and white bar stools with metal frame.

Not only that, you can sit back and relax while enjoying a cup of tea with family at the open living room. Four wooden chairs with a square table are purposely put to complete Contemporary Modern House on the Hill Design and accommodate the needs of outdoor dining, as well as two armchairs facing the TV, such an unforgettable entertainment at the top of the hill.

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