Adorable Italian Hotel as Alternative Place to Spend Holiday

Extra Bed Design Hotel Design

The model of Italian hotel itself is simple. The outside performance more looks like a home. The building outside only consist from some big arrangement of cubes and rectangle, where there is long building, but not really big. Then, for inside itself little bit different with other hotels, where that hotel has rooms on second floor. So, after check in people should go upstairs to reach the room. The construction of building inside also unique. On top wall in ground floor or first floor, there are some glasses which adhere on wall. It also a space which doesn’t has roof on top that located before entry way. It also added by glass accessories. The hotel itself is very simple, because it just consist from one big enough bedroom, with completed by other facilities. The main room only on bedroom and around of that.

Italian Hotel Design

The design for a whole building and room is good and simple too. The unique Italian hotel structure started from ladder which connect ground floor with other floor on upstairs. The ladder has little bit curve model. Then, it also added by carpet which cover a whole of ladder itself. Then, for bedroom itself only consist from one big set of bed, table on front also chair. Then, the television adheres on wall lead to the bed. There is also additional bed too, on the corner side of bedroom.

There is also wood cabinet which can be found in that room. The bedroom itself is completed by small terrace. The small terrace itself completed by one set of table and chairs. Then, there is a space too which can be used for sundeck place, because those space and also terrace is outdoor without any roof on top. For the whole design of bedroom, it is use wood component as floor and also for cabinet. The other facility from this hotel is large dining room which can accommodate many dining tables and chairs for many people too, then also completed by simple kitchen.

Italian Hotel Architecture

The main architecture from this hotel is simple, but modern. This kind of hotel look similar with guest house, however this hotel larger rather than guest hotel itself. The people can stay for a while in that place with can see panorama around. Because around of hotel usually there are some good natural environments which can make people more relaxed. Italian hotel rooms also attract people to stay, because people who like simple living, this hotel are the alternative solution.

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