Adorable Elegant House with Workarts

Black Dining Table Unique Pendant Lamp Design

One dream home that became the desire of many people is the Elegant House. This house may not look well from the outside, but it will give you comfort and peace as you go and live in it. If you are a fan of art, it does not hurt to decorate your home with a simple piece of art to add charm to the home interiors.

Elegant House front Side and Living Room

The home that will be discussed this time is Elegant House with Artwork in the Netherlands that may seem ordinary and not special in comparison to a neighbor’s house, just a wall of white brick structure and some wooden windows and concrete paving in the park. But upon entering the living room you will find that homeowners are lovers of art, seen from a selection of accessories and furniture. Not much to talk about this room, except the choice of wicker rattan chairs among contemporary beige sofa and a man painting hanging on the wall. Other accessories are standing lamp with different designs on both sides of the couch.

Elegant House with Paintings

Minimalist concept also comes in the sitting room, with two sets of dark gray sofas facing each other, and bookshelves, which also serves as a place to put a flat screen TV. Gray curtains at the door provide privacy in the room and blocking the sunlight that is too bright. This room flows right into the kitchen and dining room is also designed with a minimalist. Kitchen Island becomes the concepts selected for the kitchen, while the dining room is filled with a long wooden table in accordance with the eight black dining chairs covered with black leather. Accessories that become focal points are a set of chandeliers, paintings on the walls, and vases of flowers on the dining table.

Painting is also present in the master bedroom of Elegant House with Artwork Decorations which designed in shades of black and white.

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