Admired Open Residence for City’s View

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Most of people might be said that open residence design must be blending interior and exterior aspect. It must be true since it also becomes its primary purpose, to harmonizing indoor space and outdoor element. Designed by Ehrlich Architects, Leonard residence located in Los Angeles, California has modular cutting and elegant interior design.

Open Residence in Some Floors Up

Look at some photos that picturing how opens space design can serve beautiful view from city’s scenery. This open space residence built with four levels up and the uppers level is using as sun bathing and parking area. From the façade, this building looks like industrial residence with its grey cement texture and glass material surrounding most of room’s façade. There is wooden outdoor stair to instantly access the upper level. It must be true that this building will serve city’s view at the day and night in similar memorable scenery.

At the upper level, there is garden area with some potted plans put in it. Actually, most of floor level having garden space at it for balancing contemporary look from room interior. Marble flooring in sand color is using at outdoor space while dark marble flooring use for indoor area. Soft yellow lighting comes from LED lamp installed all over the room to gain intimate look. As a complementary item, there are glass window ceiling to assuring that fresh air is come in and come out freely.

Rich View from Open Residence

Natural palette is used for most of interior items such as broken white sofa, geometric cushion, grey couch, broken white fur rug, and slim floor lamp in iron material. Glass window which installed around the room making the owner can access city’s scenery while lay down at the couch. Wooden seats and glass dining table completed with dark granite kitchen island become dining’s style interior while natural stone fireplace keeps for this inspiring open space residence which absolutely having rich impression.

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