A Warm Home in Berkel en Rodenrijs: Picture of Simple and Beautiful Home Design

Vintage Furniture For Artistic Touch Netherland House Design

This house is located on Berkel en Rodenrijs, Netherland, and a beautiful home design idea which turnout to be a lovely home. The design itself prioritizes the user’s need and comfort, which in this case the indoor element.

Interiors of the home, atmosphere of different room, and furniture are purposed to give warm and cozy feeling, as a good house should. Each room with different function comes with different atmosphere condition, but the calm brown wood tile beneath. Master bedroom is designed elegantly with the color of grey and has a good view to serve. While the other room, for the kid as example, the furniture on wood combined with the bright red color, clearly adding the burning atmosphere to picture activity, yes of course everyone wish to have an active child jumping over here and there than a lifeless kid who just sleep all they, don’t they? The girl room on the other side, is painted in pink, and added the similar colors for the furniture: portray the girly side of the user. The living room on picture, as the center of activity, has the strong impression of homey and warm, to represent the feeling of unity. There is workspace near the master bedroom with the bright large window to suffice the brightness needed to work, with additional lighting as the spare. Not to mention several large windows on the living room to catch the sunlight effectively, a good natural approach of bio-climatic architecture. All of this, manifest to a good collaboration of home decorating, to distinguish every functional but goes with same feature. It is a clever design indeed.

While there are home designs offered for family living space, not all of them are suitable for certain family condition. For easy example, a rustic and antic homes, and modern family with needs of spacious and dynamic circulation, are not a perfect combination. It’s always a basic thought, to design the home with user’s condition as consideration.

Let your interior designer take the advice of yours, to model your interior of dream, but you should take your family condition in count. The last, why don’t you try to design your own home if you have some spare time and budget?

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