A Warm and Cozy Country House in Russia

Baked Wood Materials With View Green Spruce Environment And Wooden Wall Bright Frozen Snow Outside For Minimalist Country House Design

A country house located near Moscow, Russia is a representation of a perfect living place which can keep you warm and safe from the cold. This house is actually designed by ARCH.625, a well known architecture company which has built various types of house. This house is designed based on the typical home for living in Russia which can keep the owners warm and comfort inside.

A house designed by ARCH.625 has beautiful and unique boxy design. Baked wood walls are installed all along the exterior of the building. In order to give multifunctional detail, the architect also employs large glass panels around the house. On the other hand, this country house also features small terrace in the front of the house which can be used as a comfortable place to enjoy the rest of the day under warmer weather. Inside the house, we can see a warm and well arranged room. Actually, this house is a single floor house consisting of a wide interior space with no barrier to separate each room. A comfortable living room can be found directly after we open the front door. The living room is located in a small corner which consists of cozy sofa and hanging LCD TV.

Beside the living room, there is a dining room which is combined with small kitchen. The dining room is decorated with minimalist dining room table set. Meanwhile, the kitchen is designed under modern architecture features minimalist wooden cabinet under the kitchen table and stove. Moving to the other side of the interior we can find a comfortable and warm bedroom. The bedroom is designed very precisely so that it provides very warm ambience contrasting the frozen weather outside. Near the bedroom there is a small bathroom still with baked wood walls covering it. ARCH.625 has designed a very nice and comfortable country house for living which is suitable for cold and frosty weather in Russia. This house is developed with baked wood materials, both for the wall and the floor. Besides, there are some other accessories made from baked wood materials as well, for example the book shelf and the wardrobe located beside the main room. The baked wood materials enhance the warm and comfortable ambience against the bright frozen snow outside.

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Bright Frozen Snow Outside With View Green Spruce Environment And Flat Roof Also Glass Window Wooden Wall For Minimalist Country House Design

Bright Frozen Snow Outside With View Green Spruce Environment And Flat Roof Also Wooden House For Minimalist Country House Design

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