A Luxury Home on the Top on a Hill

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People commonly think of downtown area when they intend to build a home. It is true that living in a downtown enable people to get everything they want. There are many facilities that can support their lives such as cinemas, mall, restaurants, bars, cafes, and many more. But, nowadays some people star to look for peace of live. Many of them prefer building homes in a village with beautiful scenery and fresh air instead of in downtown in which so crowded with people, vehicles, industries, etc. If you plan to build a home in a peaceful place, have you ever thought of a top of a hill? Having a luxury home on the top of a hill will give you much pleasure and peace. Besides the fresh air you will get, the beauty of town beneath will refresh your eyes and mind. Here is the luxury home idea you should read.

A home on the top of a hill needs to be strong to avoid the landslide. So, you need a smart luxury home idea for your home. Build a concreted home! If common home use common roofing, you better use concrete for all part of your home and paint all white. White will give your home luxury look because your surrounding is green so that in a glance, your white home will attract the attention. For front side, make a little park where grass and flowers can be planted to give your home more colors.

Because your home is on the hill, you can make it in many levels such as two or three. For example, the first level is for garage. The second and the third is for living room and the other private rooms. For the side which faces the scenery beneath the hill, you can use glass wall instead of concrete. It will enable you to see the beauty of nature. If you want to have a swimming pool, build it in front of the glass wall. Well, that is luxury home idea for a home on the hill.

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