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Large Glass Windows Glossy Floor Wooden Ladder Black Sofas Wooden Ceiling

Awesome Penthouse Apartment in The Middle of City

This is one of good planning of penthouse apartment, where big city become a main view. The penthouse exists in the middle of big city and has modern side building. The apartment itself consists from two floors. First floor just for public room, then for second floor is more to for private room, because it consists from bedroom. Then, there are some spaces which become a good place to enjoy…

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Simple Natural Backyard Sliding Glass Door Fishpond Coffee Table White Chairs Ideas

Wonderful Contemporary Residence in Highlands Area

Actually, the location becomes one of consideration to build contemporary residence. The reason because of people nowadays tries to change their lifestyle into natural one. Even, it is still full of modern side inside of residence, but for place or land people tend to consider with natural environment. There are some places which can be a location for a house living. For example like mountain, highlands area, near sea, riverside,…

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Exellent Contemporary House Design House Remodeling Ideas

Stunning Modern Cube House Designs

Modern Cube House design is a brilliant idea to create a modern home of your dreams. Along with the concept of modern home today, we not only see one or two designs, but many even so many so that you almost could not decide on the best design for your modern home. Modern Cube House with White Concrete Walls The house you see today is a Wooden Cube House, named…

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Modern 3 Storey House Design With Narrow Space

Stunning Asian Home Interior in Osaka, Japan with Modern Design

The Asian home interior perhaps commonly exists in this modern era where people are used to have minimalist and simple design for their homes. Located in Osaka, Japan, this house is designed in a very unique way mixing the Asian and modern interior design ideas. Do you want to see them? Here we go. Look at the picture. From the outside, the house is just like an apartment with three…

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The Work Space View And Airy Landscape Design

Perfect Modern Interior Design of Villa that You Can Use to Spend Your Holiday

Applying modern interior design with minimalist style is a very smart thing to do. Nowadays, people have so many choices about applying modern interior design for their house. As you know, a modern interior design is now having so many varieties. Do you want to know them? Here we go. Look at the picture. In the first picture we can see how lovely the house is dominated in creamy and…

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Flat Roof Wooden Wall Dining Room Glass Windows

Palatial Mediterranean Studio for Sleek Design

Minimalist concept could take into your consideration for comfort and sleek design such as Mediterranean studio style designed by Isern Associates located in Sent Pol de Mar, Spain. This exotic building bring urban concept at hill scenery project. Mediterranean Studio Decoration Style Take a look at some creative values from this style decoration. The modern Mediterranean studio is build just like boxes shape construction by using natural stone material. Because…

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Large Glass Window With Glass Door And Contemporary Residence Style

Stunning Decoration of contemporary residence

The decoration of the contemporary residence has the modern decoration which covers some parts of the areas such as the dining room, living room, bedroom, and also the fireplace area that would make the amazing interior part of the design which would make the outstanding decoration right now. You would get the perfect landscape with the furniture installation that has the modern entrance area. You can now get this modern…

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Earthy Bathroom Design With Brown And Black Kolor Mixture Also Rustic Wood Vanity Plus Steel Towel Hanger

Borderless Airy Residence in Contemporary Style

The Elm & Willow House project designed by Architects EAT brings the airy residence to the new concept. Rather than creating walls as separators between indoors and outdoors, this building leaves nearly the whole sides borderless. The separation of indoors and outdoors is used from the utilization of transparent glass windows or sliding doors. Thus, the unified look between indoors and outdoors becomes necessary. This house prefers the use of…

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Contrast Color Interior Decor With Yellow Flooring And Staircase Also String Stairguard

Stunning White House Design with Elegancy

This White house design of house is a very unique and gives a big surprise for you. Located in Korea in the middle of crowd and skyscrapers, this house is indeed attracts many people. Are you curious and want to see it? Here we go. Look at the picture. In the first picture we can see how strong the white house is standing firmly in front of the high building…

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Small Dining Decoration Bright Gining Table Black Pndant Lamp

Modern Renovated Apartment in Bright and Fresh Look

A new living place in Gothenburg, Sweden is provided in a modern renovated apartment. The renovation process takes white as the main painting in almost elements inside which creates bright and fresh nuance as to support the large windows. The design does not have many ornaments as the identity of modern architecture, while to give some warmth inside, the architect gives several wooden elements of the flooring plan and kitchen…

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